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Your ideal team member from personal connections.
An ideal person who fits as your next team member, you know this person but generally they are hard to get. Think big.
Think hard! There's always someone.
You may find someone like yourself too.

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About the approach

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe

Abraham Lincoln

When starting a search for the next team member, thinking of candidate persona is similar to the act of "sharpening the axe" which will save you tonnes of back and forth work down the line. This approach has been utilized by most successful people already, Altmen makes it intuitive and more powerful.

Benefits of thinking in terms of candidate persona

This leads you to revelation and better results because it
Breaks mental barriers
Puts an end to robotic expectations from humans
Challenges to think big

Source of people's database

Primary source is micro communities we have partnered with where we have data and explicit consent required from candidates to perform the search, this is the most reliable source. Secondary source is public profiles available all over the internet, this source is currently experimental.

About algorithm

It is one thing to put together an approach which humans can follow and it's another thing to get computer to do it effectively on scale. We have put together our years of computer science research to create Altmen algorithm which gets the best results without sacrficing creativity, learning along the way and making it an unbiased effective solution.

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Easier than writing job description