Find people similar to your ideal
cofounder developer designer team member James Bond

Magic of cognitive science to find people based on personality traits, not just hard skills

Think of James Bond

Your personal connection who's an ideal match

I need someone like __ OR Find someone like yourself
Your ideal team member from personal connections.
An ideal person who fits as your next team member, you know this person but generally they are hard to get. Think big.
Think hard! There's always someone.
You may find someone like yourself too.

How it works


Q. Why do I have to think of only someone I know personally?

tl;dr To find good match faster!
Thinking of personal connection leads you to revelation and better results because it
Breaks mental barriers
Puts an end to robotic expectations from humans
Challenges to think big and get as many NOs as possible which leads you to YES

Q. What is the source of people's database?

60+ communities, 100+ partners and public profiles available all over the internet

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