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Angular, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Typescript
Angular 9/10, Javascript 8/10, UI (HTML,CSS,Bootstrap etc) 9/10
4 yrs

I am Frontend Developer having more than 4 years of experience mostly in the Client/Frontend side including Angular/React/Javascript/HTML,CSS etc. Apart from Professionalism, I am community Contributor as well. I am Ranked 1 as contributor in India on Stackoverflow for Angular related stuff, I wrote some blogs as well on medium, Quora etc. I love to interact with like minded People and active Participant of Meetups, seminar around the NCR.

Current organization is Product based company, I am managing there 3/4 projects (front facing web, admin panel, PWA etc) at a same time.

Sparskills Technologies
VS Code, Github, Bitbucket, Zeplin
Working from company office
As a full time employee

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30 Days
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16Hours a Week
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