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javascript 8/10 , Node.js 8/10 , React 7/10
6 yrs

I have 6 years of experience spanning development of distributed cloud based applications in product startups and enterprise applications for Fortune 100 companies. A fast learner with keen interest to learn and work on the latest technologies solving challenging problems. Adept in understanding requirements and tradeoffs, creating high level design and translating them into efficient and quality code. When I am not coding, or hunting that annoying production bug, you can find me creating and publishing tech articles to share my knowledge with fellow engineers

Founding Engineer of a B2B startup for US Healthcare Market. I am responsible for ideation, design, development of multiple modules from scratch.I mentor new engineers to help them to be productive quickly and grow professionally.

Visual Studio Code, Git / SourceTree , Robo 3T, POSTMAN, Eclipse
Working remotely(home/anywhere else)
As a full time employee

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