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Javascript, Python, Java
Javascript 9/10, Node.js 8/10, Mongodb 8/10
7 yrs

I have helped top computer science research institute in Germany & Istanbul with R&D for their million $ software engineering projects; helped Melinda Gates Funded startup build Fintech solutions for the poor; advised international startups. Founded 2 startups, sold one startup, made another one profitable within 6 months. 10 software that I built have been used in production. I have addressed the scaling needs of systems such as recently I optimized Invide search with genetic algorithm. I won first prize at a rural talent search exam. I was selected in top 0.28% out of 0.4m students for IIT-JEE, a prestigious entrance exam for top technology institute in India.

I am currently leading at Invide as CTO & Founder. It involves research & development of technology infrastructure, community engagements and growth.

Visual Studio, Terminal, Bitbucket, Trello
Working remotely(home/anywhere else)
As a full time employee
Lucerne, Switzerland

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Bengaluru, India


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