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JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Mysql, MongoDB
Laravel 9/10, JavaScript 8/10, Mongodb 7/10
5 yrs

I have 2 major projects which also my favorite. 1. Navigator (Indoor Positioning system) -Room / People finder using floor plan, Seating management. -LDAP authentication & sync. -Use the floor plan image, mark position for rooms and employees. -Endpoints for the mobile app. Technologies : Expressjs, Mongodb, Angularjs 2. Flowave - Under Development, which is expected to complete in May 2019. - Presentation Link: I consider, Completing flowave going to be my achievement. Past Work : Name: XploreIndo (Hotel Reservation portal) -Booking engine -Channel manager integration -Payment gateway - CC Avenue -iCal link integration & generation -Hoteler login & manage the property Technologies: Laravel, Mysql, Angular js LINK: My Super Powers? - Writing a proof of concept - Project Timeline - Database Schema design - Writing reusable code or class, which is useful in various projects - Learning new techs and adaptive for that

Organization: Kaptas Technologies Role: Senior Software Engineering Responsibilities: - Create an environment oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking, and cohesive team effort - Motivate and inspire team members - Ensure deliverables are prepared to satisfy the project requirements, cost, and schedule - Coordinate with the internal and external client as necessary. - Help keep the team focused and on track. - Coach and help develop team members; help resolve functional behavior - Ensuring security. Current Project: Name: Flowave Converting the .NET Application to Web App using Angular + Express js + SQL Server. Business Automation Tool

KAPTAS Technologies
Intellij IDEA, git, chrome, postman, npm
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