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Javascript(9/10), NodeJS(9/10), MongoDB(9/10)
4 yrs

Its difficult to be precise when describing my experience. In broader terms, I am the guy who marries product and technology for his work. I have worked on most difficult of the challenges/problems that people can encounter while working with products in web and mobile and also while scaling them up. I also co-founded a startup that I scaled to an impressive level without any external funding. You can find the details of my experience on My linkedin profile -

Currently I am working in a Startup as a Principle Engineer and Building a Video Based Social Network. I am writing custom CDN, media servers and WebRTC gateways to support live and normal video streaming at scale. I am also working on some Machine learning models to improvise content delivery on the platform. My major responsibilities include managing the entire Technology team and working on Difficult engineering problem statements. I have recently deployed a highly scalable microservices based kubernetes architecture for the same product.

Visual Studio Code, Sublime text, Atom
Working remotely(home/anywhere else)
As a part time freelancer

For Part Time Work Opportunities
3 hours on sat/sun and 2 hours on weekdays

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