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Javascript (NodeJs for backend), PHP (with Laravel), Python
JavaScript/NodeJs 8, MongoDB 7, ElasticSearch 6
2.6 yrs

favourite projects: 1. StockyPhi: A Shopify public app that helps merchants manage out of stock products in their stores made single-handedly. Currently, it has been installed on 20+ stores within a month and getting new installs daily, managing 50k+ products daily. 2. Course aggregator: A course aggregator website built using Nodejs, MongoDB and React. It uses Elasticsearch to search for courses. 3. IVR and SMS: Again an app built for Shopify merchants. Has been described in the demo video. 4. Property investment platform: I have been working on an online property investment platform for 1 year. Technologies used: Laravel, Mysql, HTML, JS, DataTable, HighChart and lots of other projects that include shipment management, Freshdesk API integration, Acuity API integration, Zoom API integration, creating pdf invoices, automating tasks etc. Besides doing projects, I have 5 years of teaching experience. I have taught school subjects to school students and computers to 93 years old civil engineer. They did well, The moment of proud! Some profile links of mine: Github: Stack Overflow: LinkedIn:

I am currently working in a product based startup that helps investors invest in a property with fraction ownership. My current responsibility is to add new features, reduce the paper-work and bring all of it online for easy management.

PropertyShare renamed to Propshare Capital
Visual studio code, Git, Robo 3T, iTerm, Docker
Working remotely(home/anywhere else)
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