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Careers CareersJoin the teamInfluence the future of customer experience. Grow alongside a team of hustlers and disruptorsWorking hereThe right team is vital to our successWork with proven entrepreneurial leaders, an amazing team across all functions and help to scale the company leading innovation in the customer data platform for the multi-screen era.  We have audacious goals and amazing opportunities in front of us. In the end, we are all collectively responsible for the success that we achieve. We feel it's important to create an environment where we have consistent values that support our vision. Our ValuesCulture is defined by more than just beliefs, but by a set of actions.Optimize to Customer Valueplus-inactiveRecognize that the truest measure of business success is our ability to create new customers and to create value for them. Lead with, and optimize for customer value. Succeed as a team plus-inactiveCarry your weight, let go of ego, and prioritize team success over self-interest. Continually fight entitlement, as well as the behaviors and decisions that can lead to entitlement in order to optimize the output of the system as a whole. Own itplus-inactiveComplacency is the real enemy, and the cure for complacency is self-reflection and taking action. Recognize that the meaning we assign to our experiences is in our control. Address the hard things head on, even though they are often the easiest to avoid. Seek the truth (no sacred cows)plus-inactiveOperate with humility while striving for accuracy and objectivity. Get answers from the source rather than second hand information. Bring awareness to your intentions and intention to your decisions.  Find your flowplus-inactiveBe mindful, and create the conditions around you in order to do your best work. Manage your energy, and own your own karma.Place Betsplus-inactiveEmbrace uncertainty, and take action. The only sustainable advantage comes from learning faster; learning requires failure. This also requires us to prioritize relentlessly, and not spread ourselves too thin.Excellent benefitsPawternity policy401kUnlimited time offBring your dog!Commuter programFlexible hoursHealthy snacksParental leaveLatest from mParticle


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